NoneIn the early 1920’s, it was discovered that you could make the conveniences of your home travel with you to some degree by hitching up a small trailer to the back of your wagon or truck while you traveled.  This type of convenience had been previously unheard of, and many people loved the novelty and practicality of it.  These were the first of the manufactured homes, and their floor plans were not very much to speak of.  They were generally just one small area, really less of a room and more of a storage area.  People appreciated the convenience that was offered to them and it wasn’t for a few more decades before they were able to determine that they may be able to get more out of this type of set up than they were currently getting.  These early trailers might not have been the most sophisticated in design, but still, until the 1940’s these types of early manufactured homes were very capable and were able to fill the desires of many when it came to traveling with convenience.  This was enough to get the people through, and they appreciated the designs that they were given to work with.  After the war, however, many soldiers came home and found the price of homes to be much higher than they could spend on housing as compared to the amount of money that they had available to them.  This was when these wagon trailers began to get a little more complicated.  These first mobile homes were very useful because they were able to provide soldiers with a living space that could be large enough to accommodate a whole family.  They were still not especially spacious, but these manufacture homes floor plans were obviously capable of being more in-depth than the trailers were capable of being.  You could set up simple areas and there were small separate rooms available.  Having the home mobile was a great advantage because one of the challenges that faced ex-soldiers was trying to find new work.  Since this was difficult, families would sometimes need to move around and this was much easier and convenient to do with a home that could move with you.  The 1960’s brought about mobile homes with even more elaborations and amenities.   The homes were getting even larger and now featured such things as appliances pre-installed in them when they were first bought.  These were great affordable options for people who were starting out with a new family.  In the 1970’s even more changes were implemented through works of the federal government who made standardizations on these manufactured homes, making them even safer and more reliable, and as a result more popular.