Real estate has always been a hot industry, and while there has been several busts and booms in this industry, real estate is generally a safe investment to make.  In the last several years the real estate industry has really boomed in most areas in the United States.  This boom has taken full advantage of the marketing capabilities of the Internet by uploading photographs, virtual tours, and property information to their website.  As a result people any where in the world can search for a home to buy without having to leave their homes.  This increased visibility is one of the reasons why real estate has sold so quickly during this last boom.  Manufactured homes com dealers have also recognized the amazing marketing power of the Internet and they have become to integrate Internet marketing into their promotional campaigns.Companies that sell previously owned manufactured homes com can use the Internet to post pictures of the homes that they currently have available to sell.  Because it is easy to change photos as stock turns over, the Internet is a more cost effect marketing tool for used manufactured home dealers than print ads are.  It also allows customers to see a real time inventory at any time of the day or night, no matter where they are located.  As long as they have access to the Internet they can shop for a new home.  Using the Internet to post previous owned homes online also allows out of town customers to search the inventories in other cities.  This increases the customer base for the company, and it improves their chances of selling their homes.Another type of manufactured homes com company that can benefit from the marketing capabilities of the Internet are new manufactured homes dealers.  This sector of the real estate industry has been slow to integrate Internet advertising into their promotional campaigns.  I am not sure why this is.  Most new manufactured home dealerships will have an information website that contains direction to their lot, contact information, and a selection of floor plans.  However, I haven’t seen actual photographs of model homes on these sites.  Unfortunately, not having live photographs of model homes limits a potential customer’ ability to visualize themselves in a home, or to find a model that they like.  New home dealers could probably benefit by adding photos of their model homes currently in stock to give customers a better idea of what the home looks like once it is set up.The final type of manufactured homes com company that can benefit from the marketing capabilities of the Internet are real estate agents that have land home packages to offer.  Generally these types of real estate companies will be regular real estate agents, and probably already have an Internet site set up for their company with pictures of their featured listings.  They also probably have the ability to post photographs of their properties to the MLS website.  Both of these Internet options are effective at generating interest in a property, and they are also fairly inexpensive.NoneNone