NoneManufactured homes are houses built in sections within a factory or warehouse. Constructing a home inside a factory is a smart idea for many reasons. Site built homes are the most popular new construction option. This involves a home builder laying the founding, preparing the ground, and constructing the home on site. Because of weather and other factors, outside construction can delay. This is a disadvantage for homeowners and the builder. The builder must extend the project, which can create a domino effect and delay other projects. Moreover, the homebuyer cannot move into their new home as scheduled. With manufactured homes Colorado, you avoid this problem. Granted, delays may occur with the ground. However, there is ample time to complete the foundation, electrical wiring, and plumbing before the modular is constructed. Within a climate controlled environment, your modular or manufactured home is safe from rain, wind, snow, and other outdoor elements. Manufactured homes Colorado dealers offer varying construction times. For the most part, construction times depend on the builder’s workload. Since modular and manufactured homes are becoming more and more popular, a builder’s backlog may be several months or weeks. Nonetheless, once construction begins on your property, you can expect to move into the home within 3 months. In some instances, you can move into the property within 5 weeks. The builder requires at least 1 -2 weeks to build the sections. Once delivered, allow another 2 – 4 for the home to be completed. This feature about manufactured homes is very appealing to homebuyers. Some people want to build a new home, but do not want to delay moving for several weeks or months. With a manufactured home, a brand new home is completed in record speed. Another benefit of a manufactured home is the ability to custom design the interior or exterior. With any home, new owners want to make the home their own. This could mean a lot of home improvement or renovation projects. When buying a new construction manufactured home, you will work alongside the builder, and choose colors for the wall, flooring, countertops, etc. You may choose simple designs, or modernize the home with fancy light fixtures, marble floors, hot tub, etc.