When many people think of California, they may have visions of beach side mansions and high housing costs. You should know that California also has its fair share of manufactured homes. In fact, CA has many manufactured home communities sprouting up. From Eureka to San Diego — there are new home communities where you can locate modern, state of the art and affordable manufactured homes. CA offers many unique home development areas for you to choose from. You can find a large selection of manufactured homes that are available for immediate occupancy. One of the nicest things about these communities is you will have the chance to raise your family and meet and socialize with your neighbors in a secure environment.Not only will you find the communities safe and attractive, but you will be very pleased with the manufactured homes. CA home buyers are finding that comfort awaits them inside a manufactured home. From fireplaces, skylights, walk in closets, separate showers, spacious bathrooms, porches and decks – who wouldn’t love one of these manufactured homes? CA home buyers are showing they love the luxurious living. It is true that you can purchase a manufactured home and put it on your very own private lot. However, it is nice to know that there are communities available that will welcome you and your manufactured home in California.  People choose to move into manufactured home communities for different reasons. Some people prefer to live in a neighborhood so they and their children can easily make friends. Other people prefer to live in a neighborhood because they like the security. They like having locked mailboxes, a staff that watches over the property and the rules that accompany a manufactured home community. Other people simply move into one of these communities because they cannot afford their own private property just yet.There are many benefits that can go along with living in communities purely designed for manufactured homes. CA residents are finding they thoroughly enjoy swimming pools, play structures, tennis courts, full service community centers and more. If you are searching for a community, look for one that meets your goals. If you have small children you will want to find a community that welcomes children with open arms. Look for playgrounds and children. If you do not see any, it may be more of a retirement community. On the other hand, if you are looking for a very quiet and semi-private community you may want to avoid one that has many young families. One of the most important things you will find in a manufactured home community is consistency. These communities employ staff members who are always on hand to serve you. If you are having any problems you can contact the staff for help. In addition to their regular duties of maintaining the grounds, they will sometimes perform repairs on your homes, or put you in contact professionals who can.