Arizona now rivals Florida as the retirement hotspot. The climate in Arizona is more conducive to allergy and asthma sufferers and is enjoyable most of the year. Young or old, a part-time or full-time relocation to Arizona should prove a positive one. Housing is always the primary concern when relocating and many people from first-time buyers to retirees are finding that they have less money to spend on housing and that their money doesn’t buy what it used to.Whatever your situation, it easy to investigate the housing market in Arizona. You can use the multiple listing service for Arizona to get you started. If you are interested in manufactured homes Arizona has plenty to offer, both new and existing. Understanding terms applied to manufactured homes will help you narrow it down.Arizona’s multiple listing service may not distinguish between single family residences and manufactured homes in all searches. A manufactured home is generally a home that was completely manufactured in a factory and delivered assembled to a site for installation. These are widely considered mobile homes, regardless of whether the intended location is permanent or not. Manufactured homes can be single, doublewide or triple wide and you can find them in excess of 1100 square feet of living space. Use the multiple listing service or contact a realtor to get a feel for the average price of manufactured homes Arizona wide. As a starting place, you can expect the average 3 bedroom, 2 bath to range between $29,000 and $39,000 if installed on a rented lot. Obviously, if you are purchasing the land as well, the price will be significantly higher. If you prefer to investigate the option of buying new manufactured homes, Arizona has several dealers who work with different manufacturers. They can provide you with pricing options to fit your budget and financing needs. It is best to have a lot chosen before you purchase.Several manufactured homes communities in Arizona are age-restricted serving the over-50 population. You should take time to inspect different communities before you decide which one is right for you. Check out local attractions that are of interest to you including entertainment, shopping, dining, schools, job and health care markets – whatever particular points apply to your needs. Arizona has much to offer its residents besides a comfortable climate and gorgeous landscaping and sunsets. Be sure you understand all financing, insurance, licensing, and residency requirements before you purchase a home. An area dealer or real estate agent should be able to answer basic questions as well as supply you with other contacts concerning financing, insurance, and residency requirements.