Maintenance is very important to retain the value of manufactured homes. Most manufactured homes are designed to make use of small spaces. While that saves money when building or buying them, it can mean that a small maintenance problem can quickly affect a large percentage of the home’s assets. The problems caused by poorly-maintained water heaters, for instance, can ruin the value of most manufactured homes. The water heater itself is, of course, a valuable asset. Homes need to have hot water. A leak from a water heater, however, can cause damage nearly equal in value to the home itself. Even a small, steady leak can ruin a particle board subflooring. The mold and decay from such a leak can destroy carpeting and stain walls as well. Consistent monitoring of the connections, valves and underneath the unit should be enough to ensure against the sneaky leaks in most manufactured homes. The flooring beneath the water heater can be painted with a water sealant to protect against leaks caused by rusted out areas of the heater. The particle board flooring found in many manufactured homes can be replaced in vulnerable areas with plywood flooring which can better withstand a bit of a leak.  “Simple preventive maintenance will help you avoid lasting damage from a leaking water heater. Once a year test the temperature/pressure relief valve. When the valve handle is pulled up or pushed down, water should come out of the overflow pipe. The valve is working if the water comes out. “If you have hard or rusty water, there may be sediment build up at the bottom of your tank that is inhibiting the element’s heating capabilities.â€Remember to make sure that your hot water heater is installed properly to avoid fire or toxic fumes. The value of manufactured homes can only be protected by maintenance of the hot water heater and other important elements. NoneNoneNoneNone