Much has been said and written about purchasing a manufactured home. Some who are still not sold on the idea of this affordable housing option time and again point to the mobile homes of yesteryear which lingered in substandard parks full of mud filled pot holes and loudly barking dogs that seemed to roam free.  Of course, much has changed since these images were a reality. Manufactured home dealers have worked long and hard hours to help consumer to understand that there have been significant changes in the industry, and it appears that they are finally being successful, as the sales figures of many factories are showing. Yet the industry is not out of the woods yet, and for consumers who are considering the purchase of a manufactured home dealers are still the face of industry, the benchmark by which they judge the entire experience, and even the deciding factor whether or not to go through with such a deal in the first place. While in the old days it seemed that manufactured home dealers were more akin to used car salesman complete with snake skin boots, these days they enjoy the much more positive image of the consultant.Consider that low costs notwithstanding, this is a sizeable investment for most families, and as such it needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. In their new-found roles of home consultants, manufactured home dealers will need to get to know their customers’ need to ensure that the consumer will focus on purchasing a home that meets their needs today as well as a few years from now.  This includes the proper size of the home overall, as well as the layout of the indoor space in bedrooms, formal dining rooms, and other specialized features. In addition to the foregoing, the dealer will need to carefully walk a consumer through the various upgrade features that are available as well as the costs that they will be adding to the finished manufactured home. For example, a walk-in closet is considered an extra feature by many a manufacturer and a dealer will need to be certain to point this out.Financing options used to be another sore spot with consumer.  Fortunately, the industry has changed to such an extent that manufactured home dealers are now working closely with several lenders who will be able to pre-qualify an interested customer and also explain the different loan packages.  There is a big difference in price over the life of the loan if you decide to finance it over 15 versus 30 years, and a dealer will explain the ramifications of longer term financing. Another area where the reputable dealer will have the opportunity to shine is in the warranty department. Manufactured homes are subject to settling after they are put up at the target location, and dealerships will now routinely disclose this practice.  By offering easy to understand and follow warranty procedures, you will be able to quickly and easily discern whether you are dealing with a reputable dealer. NoneNone