NoneHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a mansion? Floor plans that you would normally associate with this kind of luxurious can be yours for the asking!  Perhaps you have toured the mansions of old and wondered what it would take to own one of these palatial estates for yourself, or maybe you have visited a friend who rented such a grand piece of real estate, only to fantasize about building something similar for your family home. With the availability of mansion floor plans and the ability of many specialized architects to build them for you, living in such a grand scale does not have to be off the charts for you anymore.  As a matter of fact, you may find that the numbers of architects and homebuilders who can deliver on these plans is larger than you thought.  Not only will you be able to have a site built home, but more and more modular manufacturers are getting in on the market of mansion building.Of course, when you are shopping around for mansion floor plans you will need to keep in mind that what constitutes a mansion in the mind of one architect, may not necessarily look like a mansion to you.  It is important to work with an individual or a firm that sees eye to eye with you, and who will not hesitate to work hard to fulfill your idea of the floor plan, rather than sell you on what her or his idea of the ideal mansion should be.  Additionally, keep in mind that just like there is a large number of variations in what one builder considers to be an extra, there is a also a lot of fiscal disparity in the field. For example, enhanced features such as floating walls may be an extra for some, but others regard them as a needed accessory to add to the contemporary feel of a custom-built mansion and will include a limited number into the design.