Over the last several years log homes have become a much more popular style home for people to build and live in. You can find many builders who specialize in building log homes only. Due to the popularity of log homes, there are many varieties and types of log home designs to choose from. Therefore, people who are looking to build a log home can choose a design that fits their individual needs.Finding log home designs is as easy as going on the internet. There are many log home internet sites that help people view and compare different designs. Log homes usually have kits when they are built. These kits include the actual log and other materials needed to build the home. Log home internet sites are able to quote you online the approximate price of these log home kits. This makes it much easier and saves you time from having to call around to different places in order to get a price or quote.Once you have searched log home companies and found yourself a log home kit and a builder then you should take the advice of previous log home homeowners who have had a log home built. This will help you while your home is being built. One bit of advice is that you should make sure that you properly orient your home on the building lot. You will enjoy your home more if it sits perfectly on the property and you should take into consideration how each room takes in views. You should also take in consideration where you locate your well and septic tank so that they do not prevent you from making home improvements in the future.You should also give careful consideration as to where you place the windows in the home. Although windows can let light in and offer great views of your property, they can also decrease your home of energy. Windows offer much less insulation in comparison to log walls. Windows also let the sun shine in making for increase heat in the home during those hot summer days. Along with window placement you should also create spaces that serve more then one purpose. Making efficient use of the space is the best way to give your home a spacious atmosphere while keeping it comfortable and inviting. Owners of log homes also mention that you should incorporate dormers into your log home design. By adding dormers, this will increase space in your upstairs rooms.The design phase of your log home is something that should not be rushed or zipped through. Making sure that you get the design right and to your needs and wants is the most important consideration to take. Therefore, log home owners recommend or should I say insist that you take your time when it comes to designing your dream home. A good design comes with time, therefore every square foot of the home should be consider during the planning stages of your custom built log home.