Log Cabin modular homes are the perfect modular homes because log cabins are more easily assembled in pieces and can be fitted together like a puzzle. Log cabins are classic homes and can be down to earth, quaint or romantic depending on the effect you want to create. Log cabin modular homes can be holiday houses or can be inhabited all-year round for a classic American alternative to traditional housing. Log cabin modular homes are more cost-efficient and quicker to make than on-site cabins, and it is easy to see the advantages of log cabin modular homes. There are many problems associated with conventional house construction that are avoided with log cabin modular homes. On-site building is notoriously slow because of the uncertainty concerning the weather. Inclement weather conditions can stall building and hold up builders. This means that, not only is there a greater risk of damage from extreme cold or heat, but companies can build fewer homes, which drives up the cost of houses. With log cabin modular homes, every log is prepared in an indoor construction site, and the building process is not affected by extreme winter or summer conditions. This not only protects the logs and other building materials but speeds up the building process. Companies which build log cabin modular homes are able to build more houses than those who build houses on-site, because there are fewer time restraints. Therefore, they can make log cabin modular homes faster and cheaper. Theft is another impediment to on-site building, and since it is impossible to lock up a house in progress when it is outdoors, people can come along and snatch logs and other materials. Construction sites for log cabin modular homes are absolutely secure, and alarms are installed to keep away potential intruders. Also, costs of materials are much lower, since builders are always working on their own site and do not have to rely on costly materials purchased close to the location of the house. Log cabin modular homes make sense financially and aesthetically. Log cabin modular homes are quicker to build than other pre-fabricated homes because of the simple layering involved in log-cabin construction. The log cabin was invented for convenience and durability, and there is little wonder why it is still popular after a couple of centuries.  Once confined to sparsely populated areas, log cabins are seen now even in some suburban areas and log cabin modular homes are becoming popular among those who prefer a classic, American look to their homes. Each log is prepared at a construction site. The bark is removed and the logs are sanded and then fitted at the ends where they are adjoined. This process is relatively quick, as is the laying of the logs on the building site. The logs are then secured and a roof is added. There are few things more pleasant than watching your new home being built and log cabin modular homes provide this opportunity. The interior design is up to you, but many people prefer a rustic décor for their log cabin modular homes, and use country themes for decoration and furnishings.NoneNone