Since the beginnings of the 1900’s, mobile homes have gone through a lot of changes, both in style and general design.  Today, manufactured homes are some of the most popular choices in homes across the entire country.  People have been able to see the benefits of modular and manufactured homes, and appreciate the timeliness that these specific homes are capable of offering.  Not only can these homes be constructed within a very reasonable and efficient time frame, they are also much cheaper than homes of a more traditional nature can provide, such as homes that are built exclusively on site.  Oregon has been able to rely on a number of manufacturers over the years, but one of the most popular companies is that of Karsten.  Karsten manufactured homes have received several prestigious awards in Oregon, including most recently the People’s Choice Award at the Oregon Manufactured Homes Show.  This is the fifth year in a row that the company has been able to secure this award, and that is a direct result of how the general public feels about the quality and dependability of the Karsten manufactured homes.The Karsten company is growing continuously, with four different locations within the western states in order to help provide as many people as possible with their unique and quality products.  Some of these locations have even had to expand within themselves to help keep up with the demand for homes that is constantly being put upon them by interested and potential customers. Eager to keep their customers happy, Karsten is ready to expand in any way that they can.  In addition to winning these types of prestigious local awards, such as the People’s Choice Award in Oregon, this company has also been able to secure a spot on the Grissim Report for the year 2005.  This is a great listing of the top 25 manufactured and modular homes within the nation.  At the number 13 spot, Karsten manufactured homes is revealed to be relatively new to the modular home industry, but this has not slowed them down at all.  They have been thriving since their start in the 1990’s.   Since then, they have managed to maintain a very good reputation and have managed to set themselves apart from other manufacturing companies with their well-managed organization.  The company is focusing on staying small enough to provide individualized care and attention, but large enough to help people throughout the entire range of states from the Midwest to the west.  Their quality homes naturally adhere to the standards set by Congress in the 1970’s which requires them to meet certain specifications in regards to safety and energy efficiency.  When consumers invest in Karsten manufactured homes, they know that they will not only save money up front with their initial purchase, but thanks to the home’s energy efficiency, they will also save money in future years and months on their energy bills.  Karsten homes and the dream home for many different types of people thanks to the many benefits that they are able to supply to homeowners.