Home security has become a big business over the past couple of decades due to increases in homes being broken into and robbed every year. Therefore, it is not surprising that there has been a large increase in the amount of companies that offer home security systems. There are several factors that homeowners need to look at before choosing a security company, such as what they have to offer and how reliable they may be.There are a couple of different things to look at when choosing a security system. As a homeowner you must decide whether you want monitored security system versus an alarm only system. A monitored security system is a system that is connected to a monitoring company that can call the local police department if there is proof of some sort of robbery or other situation that is taking place at your residence. Once the police are contacted they can go to your home to see if any such trouble or problems is taking place. An alarm only system is just that, it’s a loud bell or horn that is set off when an intruder enters your home, but the police are not contacted with form of an alarm system.A home security system is made up of a couple different components when installed in your home. The control panel is used to arm and disarm the system. Many systems are set up with one control panel near the main entrance of the home and another control panel in a more secure location of the home, such as a bedroom. Within the alarm system there are window and door sensors, which are magnetic contacts which let you know whether a door or window is left opened, along with infrared and microwave sensors that detect body heat and motion if an intruder is inside the home. Many systems also come with yard signs and window decals that you can place on your property. These show that the house is protected by a security system and would deter a would be burglar from entering your home.Over the last couple years there has been a form of home security in which people can be hired as a personal watch dog for your home. People who offer this service are usually ex or retired police officers that have set up their own security service in the communities in which they live. They may be the only employee or they may have several people working for them. Like I mentioned, usually they will set up the security service in the community that they live or had worked as an officer because they are familiar with the community and they have contacts with the local police force in case of a situation does happen.One other form of home security, which has been along for many years is finding yourself a guard dog to help deter would be burglars from entering your home. We all know that certain breeds of dogs can be very frightening to come across.