When building a home a lot of work has to go into the planning, with a lot of varying factors needing to be considered. Therefore, the home plans of how the home will look like once built along with the home plans of how the inside of the home will look like may change and/or be altered in some way, shape or form as the home is being built.Before actual construction is started your home plans should include the design of the home along with floor plans, showing the actual features of the home, from how many bedrooms the house will include, bathrooms, the kitchen plan, living room, dining room, and any other rooms and/or patios and decks the house will include. The home plans should show the size of the rooms along with the square footage of the house itself after taking into consideration the sizes of the rooms.The home plans when you first start to build a home include whether or not you plan to have a basement or not, and therefore what type of foundation you will have to have. If your home plans include a foundation then you will have to dig into the earth for the location of where you want your house located. Before you plane to build you should have a survey done by a licensed surveyor showing the location of the foundation along with your well is located if you do not have public water along with your septic tank if you do not have public sewage services.Once the foundation has been poured then it is time for the builder to start building the home after the wood and other materials included in the building of the house have arrived. One side note included in the home plans is whether or not you have financed a mortgage thru a lending institution to cover the costs of the building of the home. If this is the case then the lending institution will also have to see the home plans of the house being built. Most lending institutions do not lend the full amount of money to the borrower all at once. Instead they will break up the mortgage into several disbursements based upon how much of the house has been completed. Usually the total number of disbursements can range from three to five.Other things that the home plans of a house being built include are the electrical components of the home along with the plumbing, flooring, and siding on the home, kitchen and bathroom appliances. As you can see there is a lot to be considered in the home plans of a house that is to be built and time and effort is needed if a person is to considered having a house be built. Although much time and effort is needed, the ending result is a built home that in which you had a major factor in how you wanted it designed and customized to your needs and wants.