You can get a great quality modular home with Fuqua homes. You can pick out everything personally for your home such as what type of faucets or paint you want throughout your newly built home. You get to make the choices and that is what makes a purchase of modular home so enjoyable. Fuqua has been in business for 37 years. There homes are very energy efficient and it can save you a ton of money each month on your electric bill. That alone makes it one of the greatest reasons to get a Fuqua home. Fuqua homes really stand by the quality of their homes. That is why they give their customers a five year guarantee. So far they have built over 15,000 homes for their customers and each year more customers get added to the list. If you want to see the true quality of each Fuqua home, you can always contact the company directly for a tour of the facility. If that wont work for you then you could always contact them for a personal brochure. This way you can go over what the brochure has to offer and if you have questions afterward, you could always call them back for answers too.                Fuqua homes can be built faster than a conventional home and once the company is done with the construction, it will soon be delivered to your location of your choice. Do keep in mind that you will have a warranty card to fill out. This is for your five year guarantee. In order to make the guarantee complete, you will have to have it filled out within 30 days of your home being delivered. So make sure you get the card filled out as soon as you possible can. So if you are considering a modular home, you should seek Fuqua homes dealers in your area and see what they personally have to offer.