Over time, mobile homes have become very popular in Florida.  Census reports have shown that since the 1990’s, Florida mobile homes have increased in popularity, and Florida ranked number one out of all the states in the United States as for the number of mobile homes located in the United States.  There are many different reasons that mobile homes are so popular in the state of Florida, but perhaps some of the more compelling reasons for people are the benefits that florida mobile homes are able to offer for potential homeowners, both in financial and timely veins.Mobile homes are much less expensive than homes that are built on site.  This was the case before and after the 1970’s, during which Congress started putting standards in regards to safety and efficiency onto these types of homes.  Florida mobile homes began to evolve the same as mobile homes did across the country.  They began to be produced without the mobile wheels, and are now more affectionately known as manufactured homes.  These standards helped to increase their re-sale value, which is another benefit to homeowners.  Additionally, these homes can be created in weeks instead of months, which is how long it can take for some on-site constructed homes to be built.  If saving time and money is a benefit to you, these might be a great style of home for you to consider.Florida mobile homes were at one point number on in the country in terms of the number of homes, and Florida is a very nice and pleasant place to live.  The appeal of the state coupled with the cost effective design of mobile homes is likely a big draw to people who are looking to move.  The many benefits of these mobile homes can likely appeal to people of all different walks of life, and this has helped to create such diversity within the state of Florida.