Fleetwood homes are manufactured homes. This means that they were formed and constructed in a factory, rather than on a lot or site, as a traditional house. Many changes have taken place in the manufactured home industry, and today, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between Fleetwood homes and traditionally constructed homes. There are very strict federal rules, laws, and guidelines that must be adhered to when building a manufactured home. Everything from the height of the home, the roof, exteriors, foundation structures, and additional features, are ruled and regulated by federal law. They must be built to code. HUD (or the U.S. Department of Housing and Development) is the government branch that oversees, the building process of manufactured homes. They design tests and each home must pass all of the tests. Fleetwood homes are strong, durable and are all built to HUD code.Fleetwood homes undergo tests to ensure that they are fire resistant as well as being energy efficient. Many people mistakenly believe that a manufactured home cannot be energy efficient but that is not the case. Everything from heating systems and air conditioners are thoroughly tested and must pass HUD inspection before manufactured homes are allowed to be placed on the market.You will love the assortment available when choosing Fleetwood homes. Not only are they designed to code, but also they come in a number of different varieties, sizes, and floor plans. To date, they stock over 1,000 different floor plans. This ensures that they have a home suitable for everyone. Many of the homes also have different amenities that make them a wonderful and luxurious dwelling place.You will also discover that different states and areas may have different laws for what type of features you may have in your manufactured home as every region has different rules and laws. Just as there are many amenities and features to choose from, you will also be impressed by the variety of interior finishes and structures that you can select. You can choose from your choice of cabinets, customized windows, appliances, and fireplaces, and lots of other accessories. There are so many options, that you are sure to find the home of your dream.Sometimes, when people purchase Fleetwood Homes, they already own land and move the home to their own plot of land. Other times, they lease the land and move the home there. There are many choices offered so be sure to find out all of the choices that are available to you.