Congratulations! You are about to make the best decision ever; you are a first time home buyer. As a first time home buyer, you will discover that ownership has its privileges and benefits. For instance, your new home is an investment. When someone rents, every time they write that rent check, that money is lost. They have no access to it ever again. However, as a first time home buyer, every time you make a mortgage payment, that amount is tax deductible from your federal and sometimes state taxes as well. You will quickly discover that as a first time home buyer you will reap many rewards in addition to the pride and joy of owning your own home.As a first time home buyer you may feel overwhelmed with many questions. This is completely normal and understandable. It is a good idea to take some classes to familiarize yourself with the home buying process. Your local housing department will be able to give you the numbers and contact information for local programs that will help familiarize you with the home buying process, if you feel you need additional information.Once you are certain that home ownership is for you, you may want to look for a real estate broker. A real estate broker can help answer any questions that you have regarding the home buying process, and can serve as your personal liaison for the entire procedure.Also, when you are choosing or browsing through various potential neighborhoods, your real estate broker will be able to answer any questions regarding statistical data regarding the neighborhood. Your real estate broker in general may answer all information regarding the school systems, the population, and information pertaining to the safety of the neighborhood.Working with a good real estate broker can also provide you with access to the MLS listing. The MLS listing is the Multi-Listing Service, and it is a database of all property that is for sale as soon as it is ready for the market. Your broker has access to this list and can provide substantial information when you are house hunting. This can mean saving you hours of precious time that you may have spent driving around house hunting on your own.Finally, your real estate broker can help you with the actual transaction process. Many people find that choosing a great real estate broker is essential to ensuring that your home buying experience is a good one.