Different styles appeal to different types of people.  This is no less true with homes; what appeals to one person might not to the next.  There are many different types and styles of homes, and depending on what you do with them and how good of care you take of them, they can all be fine homes in their own rights.Mobile homes and manufactured homes are now considered more or less the same item.  These homes are built in factories and then reassembled on site.  Just like an on-site home, there are almost endless floor plans available for people to choose from in regards to how many bedrooms they want and other trivialities.  Even though these homes are not built on site, they are very stable and reliable.  With the amount of decorative options a home owner has, it is no wonder these fine homes are some of the most popular in the country today.Traditional fine homes are those built on site.  These are more stably secured into the ground in some cases, and there are many people that work specifically on particular areas in this type of house.  Many people like these types of homes because of the easily implemented changes in design and ability to be flexible in the formation and the design of the home.Another type of fine homes are those made out of timber.  Timber homes are beautiful and exquisite if the look you are going for is rustic, airy and outdoorsy.  These frames are beautiful and sturdy, and often resistant to insects and rotting.  Many people appreciate the way they are able to open up a home and it makes the home appear much more spacious.Beautiful homes are all around.  What matters most when deciding which type of home is best for you is reviewing what aspects and details are most important to you, and prioritizing these things.NoneNone