NoneIf you are considering having a home built on your property, you are most likely wondering how to get the most spacious, beautiful home built for the least amount of money. At the same time, you are quite possibly wondering about what to do about the impending season change.  After all, the long summer days and evening will only last for so long, and soon the copious rainfall of fall, the soft snowfall of winter, and the intense and so prevalent moisture of yet another spring will be a reality, and such weather is notoriously bad for the house building market.  Sure, you have heard about factory-built homes and you might even be wondering about this option for yourself, but maybe you never really checked into this option before. While there are advantages to many difference kinds of home building options, factory-built homes have a distinct leg up when it comes to home construction.For example, a traditionally built home, this in the trade is often referred to as either “stick builtâ€ or “site built,â€ is the kind of home that is put together at the site where it will be standing for decades to come.  Building materials are delivered to the site, permits are displayed on the site, and the contractors who will be working on the home will travel to your building site. Of course, while this may seem as the usual way of doing business, it is also important to note that as opposed to factory-built homes which are not built on site, your stick built home will be exposed to all of the elements.  In other words, if your area is experiencing the wettest fall in recorded history, then the odds are very good that your building site will stand vacant for a good long time until your home has dried out and can be worked on again. Sometimes this process seems to seamlessly stretch into the winter months when the building site will sit vacant because of snowfall. Not so with factory-built homes. Whether you are purchasing a modular home or a manufactured home, these homes are built inside where the climate is controlled, and where rain or snow will not add delays to the building schedule. As a matter of fact, factory-built homes are built within the confines of a hangar-like structure that will keep everything dry and warm, including the workers who will be able to continue laboring away on your house, no matter what the weather brings.  Of course, while there are differences in the manufacture of a modular home versus a manufactured home, both housing options will allow you to take possession of your home within weeks or commissioning it, not months! The advantage of this fact alone makes this building choice so attractive for many homeowners-to-be who are tired of the long weather and labor delays, and who want to be moving into their new homes within a matter of weeks, rather than waiting months – and sometimes even a year – to move.