The addition of exotic home décor is one of the easiest – yet at the same time least often attempted – facets of interior decorating.  Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown, or simply a hesitancy to go ahead and add a splash of color to an otherwise balanced room. Yet have you ever visited the home of someone who has successfully incorporated exotic home décor into her or his decorating scheme and you wondered just how they pulled it off?  The answer to this question is surprisingly easy.  First and foremost you will want to decide what kinds of decorating accents you will want to add to your home.  The “howâ€ of adding these décor accents depends in large part on your reason for doing so – for example, if you love horses and you have a collection of horse related items, such as figurines, pillows, or pictures, then you have a great starting point for adding the unusual to your collection.In your case, exotic home decorations could include stylized soap stone carvings of horses or even hunters.  If you want to stay away from carrying your theme further, you could also that a look at your color scheme.  For example, if you have mostly brown and beige tones in your room, a splash of color – either muted, as in a jade green or crisp as in a fire engine red – placed in either one focal space or in several areas within a focal space will look marvelous. When it comes right down to it, exotic home décor is a tasteful expression of your own, personalized tastes and as such is independent from fashions, trends, and changeable color schemes.Nonetheless, the principles of exotic home décor can be taken a bit too far as well.  The goal is to achieve a harmony with the already existing interior decorating scheme that will showcase a few choice pieces and will not detract from them. If you add too much to one room, then the room itself will become a hodgepodge of different decorating styles and you will actually take away from the overall effect you are attempting to achieve.  To this end, it is important to carefully and sparingly display your choice pieces.  If need be, you might want to rotate them in and out of a room.  In other words, keep a beautiful soap stone or lava stone statue locked away until you are ready to take one off display.  This way you can exchange your decorating accents for the most amazing effect. In addition to the foregoing, keep in mind that some colors will all but attack the senses if they are put together.  To this end, avoid placing too many bold colors into the same space. Last but not least, keep an eye on the styles you are combining.  What will make an elegant conversation piece on a coffee table, will soon become a bit of an eyesore if it is grouped in abundance with like pieces in a place that cannot support the sheer number of the displayed style inconsistencies. NoneNone