For over 20 years, Excel Modular Homes has been providing custom modular homes for people who want their house to stand out over all the rest. The company says there is no limit as to the type of home that can be built in a factory and their numerous designs bears witness to that claim.They specialize in working with people to design the dream house they may have wanted for several years but thought they could not afford to have. Finally many are beginning to realize that a modular home can often be less expensive than a conventional sit built home and they can afford not only the house, but additional option as well, as part of their hoe buying package.Modular homes are built in a factory controlled environment out of the weather, and can produce houses 12 months out of the year. Many different floor plans are available for each size home, which come as small as 800 square feet to over 6,000 square feet, and some may be available larger if you connect with the right builder.You will need a general contractor to handle site work to prepare for the house’s delivery between five and eight weeks after the order is placed, as well as to have it put together once it does arrive. A contractor working ahead of time can have the foundation or basement ready to receive the house as it arrives from the factory, which can lessen the usual four to six weeks for final construction. The home will arrive about 80 percent complete with all interior plumbing, electric and other utilities installed inside the walls. Final connections will be made by the contactor once the home is in position. Beginning the process, the hardest part may be choosing options to go with your new home. The type of countertop can be changed with one of several options available, and will be limited only by your imagination and budget.Insulation is typically R-19 fiberglass batting in the exterior walls which are constructed of two inch by six inch studs to not only provide extra support while the unit is being shipped, but also to proved denser insulating capacity. Ceilings are filled with either fiberglass batting our blown-n insulation, depending on the builder and the weather conditions in the area in which the house will finally be located.Two inch by ten inch floor joist give the home more durability and live weight capacity, and also provides additional support while the home is being transported. Since mobbing the house involves lifting the sections with a crane, usually four times, the extra strength is needed to prevent damage while being lifted or on the truck. The homeowner benefits with a house that is stronger than a conventional site built home would be.Making choices about your new home does not have to limited to size, style and color as numerous options are available for the inside including plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures as well as bathroom and kitchen fixtures.