Modern technology has changed the landscape of new home design construction. System-built housing is the fastest-growing segment of new design construction today. Systems-built includes all types of construction in which components are constructed in a factory and delivered to the building site. This encompasses kit homes in which the components of the home are gathered together and prepared then shipped to the site to be put together according to the enclosed instructions. Panelized homes have substantial components pre-assembled and shipped to the site for assembly and finishing. The most pre-made design construction is in the modular homes where a module can be a room or several rooms completely assembled and finished with paint on the walls, staircases, lighting, plumbing and electricity all ready to go. The modules are shipped to the prepared site, assembled and finished in a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional design construction. More than half of all new homes are built using some form of systems-built housing. Of this fast-growing segment of design construction, the fastest-growing type is the modular housing type. This type of design construction makes use of new technologies to customize designs and oversee the factory construction. Specialists are on hand to complete the wiring, floors, plumbing, and kitchen installations without weather delays or waiting for the delivery of materials. The average home can be built in just a few days and assembled onsite in a day or two. While the home is built in the factory, the site can be prepared by local contractors. Modular design construction adheres to the local building codes. Financial institutions regularly issue mortgages for modular design construction and insurance is the same as for traditionally built homes. Except for the way the home is first put together, the modular design construction is no different than the traditional while managing to be better. NoneNone