Custom modular home design used to be the domain of professionals who would either charge a lot of money for their services, or simply would present their plans to modular home builders who, in turn, would offer you these plans and very little else. Of course, with the advent of the Internet, its how-to websites, and the extensive amount of literature written about custom modular design, there are now quite a few homeowners-to-be who have become adept at creating their own home designs and who are not hesitant to put this newfound knowledge and ability to the test. It is no longer uncommon to see consumers visiting modular home factories and make constructive criticisms to available floor plans, to request slight changes to the plans, or to bring their own marked up plans for the modular home builder to review and see if the changes can be accommodated by the factory. Of course, consumer driven custom modular changes and designs are not simply limited to floor plans, and the moving around of bedrooms and bathrooms, the inclusions of breakfast nooks or formal dining rooms, but it continues onward with the many touches that make a home special and unique. Take for example the exterior design of the home.  In many ways, the way the outside of the home looks is the calling card for the mood you are trying to set. Will you be looking for siding or are you thinking of painting the outside of your home? What windows will you have installed?  Are they tall and narrow, or are they tall and wide?  Your entry door is another aspect of the custom modular design you will need to think about – is it mainly made of glass, or will you go with a standard wood door?  The finish of the door is nearly as important as the kind of windows you will choose. As you continue your quest for more ways to make a home’s design uniquely yours, your ability to put your custom modular design skills to the test will be further required, especially when you consider the many different of designing the interior of the home. For example, the kitchen alone – which for many families is the hub of activity in the home, will require extensive attention to detail.  You will want to consider your choice of colors, woods for the cabinetry, and also styles available for the cabinetry such as flat panels or beveled edges. There are in addition to the foregoing another large assortment of options available for you to design your dream kitchen.  After you have had a chance to finish your design there, you will also need to pay close attention to the bathroom, and other aspects of the interior. Of course, there is one word of caution when approaching the changes to the exterior and interior of your modular home: work closely with your builder and listen to her or his advice. If the builder is hesitant about aspects of your plans, have these plans double checked rather than insisting the builder go forward with them. Additionally, once you give the go-ahead to proceed, make sure that you are certain of your decisions and choices, since last minute changes will increase the bottom line of your home. NoneNone