What exactly are custom manufactured homes? Custom manufactured homes are homes that are built in factories to the specs of the home buyer. They are made from customized architectural plans. They are built using the most current technological innovations in construction. Many people are seeing that the custom manufactured homes that are produced in the factory are much better constructed and assembled than site built homes. Not only is the construction process more efficient, but people are getting more bang for their money. The most modern custom manufactured homes are modular homes. These homes are built like other manufactured homes – in a factory. They are then taken to the home site and assembled. These homes can be assembled on a foundation or slab. Homeowners will generally contract out any additions they want to their property at this time, such as sidewalks and driveways. Custom manufactured homes floor plans can be modified from staple floor plans or they can be produced from scratch. You can bring in your own floor plans for the designers to go off of, or you can work with the designer to produce your plans. The wonderful thing about the manufacturing home industry is it is so customer friendly.  Financing custom manufactured homes entails much the same process as financing a site built home. However, the borrower will not be financing nearly the amount of money he would expect if he were buying a site built home. The popularity of manufactured homes is due in large part to the price. With low initial costs, low maintenance costs as well as most homes being built energy efficient, it is no wonder that the manufactured housing sector is booming. Where else can people go to have their dream homes built at an economical price?It should be noted that manufactured homes can be purchased by themselves or in a land/home package. If you are planning to purchase a manufactured home for land that you already own, be careful about which homes you choose. It should be a good match for your site. You should also know that where your place your home will have a lot to do with its value, later. So, if you are in the market for a land/home package, choose your property wisely. Properties with views are always a good choice.Most everyone agrees that the cost of manufactured homes is one of the top reasons they are so popular for home buyers. Another reason many home buyers are choosing to go the manufactured route is due to turnaround time. You can find a home that is already set up on a site and move in within a week. Custom manufactured homes are also set up fairly quick. It is not unreasonable to think that you can be set up and living in your custom manufactured home in under two months. That certainly is a lot faster than having to wait for your home to be built on site from scratch!NoneNone