NoneCrest modular homes are built with quality, name brand materials, with safety in mind.  In fact, crest modular homes meet all state and local building codes, just like stick built homes.  Crest modular homes takes great care to see to it that things normally taken for granted are constructed with safety in mind.  For instance, did you know that Crest modular homes will not install tiny windows in bedrooms?Tubs and showers in crest modular homes are meticulously outfitted with water spickets with anti scald safety valves.  Crest modular homes have electrical wiring that is all copper.  National electric code specifies that receptacles in kitchens and bathrooms be grounded, and crest modular homes comply with this code.  Crest modular homes even ground receptacles that are outside the home.Every bedroom is protected with smoke detectors, and additional smoke detectors will be found on every living level of crest modular homes.  Even safety from intruders is taken into consideration in the construction process of crest modular homes, with all outside doors coming with dead bolt locks.All precautions are taken in crest modular homes to assure your family’s safety.  To further guarantee that this is the case, crest modular homes are doubly inspected.  First, inspectors in house at crest modular homes factories perform thorough inspections.  After that, crest modular homes are subjected to inspections by a third party agency, and also by state inspectors.This may sound pretty standard, but crest modular homes even inspect building materials when they first arrive at the factory, and before they have even begun to be used in construction.Can you save money as far as utilities go with crest modular homes?  Much of that depends on more things than crest modular homes, including your family’s habits and your source of heating, etc.  But to be sure that crest modular homes are as energy efficient as possible, top quality insulation is used in the walls, ceilings, floors and windows and doors.  Even crest modular homes foundations are protected with insulation.As if all these steps weren’t enough, crest modular homes goes one step further with a one year warranty protecting home owners against structural failure.  Name brand appliances and materials used in constructing crest modular homes come with their own individual warranties.  For a small extra price you can even purchase a ten year warranty to cover your crest modular homes, giving you even further protection. No wonder crest modular homes have been considered to be on the top of the list as far as modular homes in the United States go.  Over ten thousand people who own crest modular homes can’t be all wrong.  Perhaps you are one of these, or maybe you are considering crest modular homes.If so, you can be sure your crest modular homes will be safe and secure, and also a wonderful home for your family to build dreams in.