Looking to save money on your next home purchase and looking forward to owning a brand new house, you will want to explore the cost of modular homes before you sign any contracts. With all the options included, and adding in the extra costs of site work and home site construction, you will probably save money with a modular home.The price you pay for a modular home actually is in two parts. The first, of course, the cost of the house. The total you will pay the modular home builder typically includes delivery to the home site. The second part will be the cost of the general contractor who will perform site work and put your modular home together into move-in condition.How much your modular home will cost will vary based on numerous things. The size of the home, the options chosen and how much you want to customize the original design. Some customizations may be fairly inexpensive, but major changes in design will cause major changes in the price. However, once you and the retailer agree on a price, there will be no variance.Dealing with the general contractor, however, is quite a different story. A contactor can give you a fairly good estimate based on initial surveys of the property in which the house will sit and the size of the house. However, when dealing with the outdoors, some unexpected circumstances may cause delays or additional costs, such as trouble digging the footer or basement for your new home. These contingencies should be made known to you prior to any contract being signed.While finding a firm price on a modular home will vary depending also on geographical location, most builders agree that a cost difference of between 10 and 20 percent is not unrealistic. Additionally, with the exceptional quality, and the typical 10 year warranty on construction, repair costs as well as utility costs should also be lower over the years.The savings on the initial investment can help with other expenses or be used to add more luxury to your home in the form of options that you probably would not add to a site built home. Items such as fancier faucets or hardware for doors and cabinets and maybe that soaking tub built for two you always wanted. You can add enough options to increase your homes value, and still be under the price of a site-built home.Perhaps the general contractor who works for or is recommended by the modular home retailer should be considered first, for their knowledge of how the company’s modular homes go together and second, if you are unhappy and complain to the builder, that contractor probably won’t get much more work. All modular home builder rely on word-of-mouth advertising, in addition to regular venues, and thrive for 100 percent customer satisfaction.Additionally, if the house is not constructed to your satisfaction warranty repairs will have to be performed which will cause the builder’s cost on the modular home to increase. NoneNone