Contemporary modular homes are simply homes of our future. They are quality built in factories using cutting edge technology. This means that contemporary modular home manufacturers can build any style of home. Once these homes are built, they are carried in sections by special vehicles to a site of your choice. They are then put together by someone who specialized in modular homes or a local builder.You should know that contemporary modular homes are built using the same local and state building codes as site built homes. They are also built and subject to the same exact zoning regulations. If you are secretly dreaming of building a home, you should first take a look at contemporary modular homes. Not only can they be made to your specifications, but they will not cost you near as much as a home built on site. In addition, these homes are made to be energy efficient. So not only will you save money on your home upon purchase, but you will continue to save money down through the years on your cooling and heating bills.One reason that people are able to purchase contemporary modular homes for less than what they would pay for a site built home is because the homes are built in factories.  These manufacturers purchase all of their building supplies in massive quantities. This means they will pay less for sheet rock, lumber, carpet, paint and other building supplies than someone who builds a home on site. These savings are handed off to you, the home buyer. It just makes good business sense to explore all of your home options before you make any decisions. You are encouraged to stop by and talk with a modular home representative today. Once you have the information you need, do a side by side comparison to see which route would benefit you the most – a site built home or a modular home. NoneNone