Whether you’re planning to have a home built or remodeled, you will need the services of construction contractors who will agree to do the necessary jobs for an agreed-upon price. Most of us don’t do this very often and whether you have never done it or you have done it with a bad result, you will need to know the right way to find good construction contractors and sign a good contract. Start looking for construction contractors by asking friends, family and neighbors. Once you have the names of the construction contractors, contact some of their clients. Find out if the construction contractors finish their jobs on time and for the agreed-upon price. Then talk to the construction contractors themselves. Find out how long they’ve been in business. Don’t settle for knowing how long they’ve been working but how their business has been operating. Not all good workmen are also good businessmen. A bad problem with the business can interfere with the finest work. Ask whether the business has ever had a different name. This is a sign of trouble. Find out if the business has been sued. If so, find out how the suit came out. Anyone can sue anyone whether or not there’s a good reason. NoneNoneNone