There are many different vocations that exist, and there usually comes a period of time during almost everyone’s’ lives when they are trying to determine what is the best career for them.  One of the most interesting vocations for the common person is that of a construction contractor.  It requires a unique mix of intelligence, creativity as physical laboring.  This is not a position that is for everyone, but it is a unique lifestyle choice and it does offer an array of benefits for the person who does like this line of work.  Perhaps with consideration you will come to feel this would be a great career path for you.Many of the benefits of the construction contractor are financially based, so one great thing about the career is that it is expected to grow in coming years.  Usually the programs are fairly small and contain no more than 5 or fewer people, and many of the people who are a construction contractor are self employed.  This fact opens up a lot of additional benefits.  If you are a self employed construction contractor, you can set your own hours.  When you don’t want to work on certain days or holidays, you do not have to work then.  There will be no need to request off for vacations, because you are your own boss.  However, you have to remember to balance your work time and your play time.  There is also a great salary that can come with this particular position, and the specifics are wages that often exceed $24 an hour.  This can lead to a very formidable annual income for the person who decided that the life of a construction contractor is for them.When you are looking for a unique career, this may be just the path for you.  With a great deal of benefits and advantages, it is certainly very appealing in many ways.  NoneNone