Real estate prices have been shooting to the moon, but Colorado modular homes make a pleasant alternative with affordable prices.Colorado is famous for some pretty rugged weather, but you won’t have damages that stick built homes suffers from the elements when you choose Colorado modular homes, like warping and swelling lumber.A real benefit with Colorado modular homes is that the homes appreciate in value rather than depreciating, just like traditionally built homes.  And Colorado modular homes are built to meet the same stringent codes as homes that are built on site.Colorado modular homes are transported to your property where they are then affixed to a permanent foundation, becoming steadfast against nature’s elements.Colorado modular homes almost always use more lumber in the construction process than stick built homes, because they have to stand up to the transportation phase.Besides strict code requirements that must be met, many inspections are performed by independent inspectors, assuring excellent quality in Colorado modular homes.Expert craftsman are employed by the factories that build Colorado modular homes and they take a great deal of pride in their work.  Your Colorado modular homes will be more energy efficient too, because extra insulation is used, and care is taken to build air tight homes.  For many years to come you will enjoy paying far less on your utility bills in Colorado modular homes.Not only can you have a quality home built with Colorado modular homes, you can customize your floor plan into the home of your dreams.  Colorado modular homes are not the same thing as mobile homes.  Colorado modular homes use to be referred to as prefab homes, meaning most of the construction takes place in a factory setting and then is transported and completed at your building site.  Enjoy whatever weather Colorado unleashes in your Colorado modular homes.