There are numerous steps involved in moving from the dream of home ownership to the reality of moving into your own new house, and Clayton manufactured homes can help to make that process smooth and hassle free. In addition to offering affordable, attractive, quality homes, Clayton also has a variety of other services available to help make the transition into the owning of one of their homes smooth and trouble free.  Clayton manufactured homes are produced by a company that has been involved in the home building industry for many decades, dating all the way back to 1934. These years in the industry have resulted in numerous awards, as well as many innovative designs that have resulted in a broad range of attractive and affordable homes that bring form and function together delightfully to create the foundation of the comfortable and convenient lifestyle that every homeowner hopes for.  Modular homes have been around for years, and have been strictly regulated since the mid-1970’s to ensure that they meet residential safety standards and building requirements. The decades of building experience that is invested into the building of Clayton manufactured homes results in these homes often exceeding the local standards that each home is expected to conform to upon shipping. When investigating the home offerings of Clayton, you’ll find numerous types and styles, including single and multi-story designs and those with classic lines and those with a distinctly modern look. Energy efficiency is also an important part of Clayton manufactured homes, and this company has invested much time and effort into producing homes that conserve energy and help to keep utility costs within reason, something that becomes more important with each passing year. When you choose your home from among the many fine Clayton manufactured homes options, you have the advantage of dealing with a company that offers a variety of other services to make it easier for you to achieve your home ownership goals. In addition to building and selling quality homes in affordable price ranges, Clayton also offers financing services, as well as insurance and even is a valuable resource in home placement, as can be seen in the manufactured housing communities that this company organizes. If, when choosing Clayton manufactured homes, you choose to take advantage of the opportunity to reside in one of the communities organized by Clayton, you’re sure to enjoy the ease with which you make the transition into a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. These organized communities feature many amenities and conveniences, making for a pleasant lifestyle.Clayton manufactured homes offer a way of life that is the foundation of what most Americans hope to achieve. These quality homes can be expected to last for years, and are easily comparable in quality to those of comparable price and quality that are built on site. The advantages to the sort of one stop shopping offered by Clayton is the simplification of the whole process of homeownership, allowing you to start living the lifestyle of your choice faster and without the stress and inconvenience that other means of achieving homeownership can bring.