Canadian Journal of Urban Research (CJUR) site only contains information about the journal and how to receive it, not information contained within the journal. It includes, however, Table Of Contents from past issues to show typical topics which include housing, design, community development, and other urban issues.Rating: InformativeLocation: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaRelated pages: Canada, Canada, Manitoba, National, Index / Periodical Institute of Urban Studies — University of Winnipeg site details the Institute’s research in housing, health, community and neighborhood planning and development, urban policy and municipal government, program evaluation, social-demographic issues and Aboriginal issues, and provides information about their services and current research.Rating: InformativeLocation: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaRelated pages: Canada, Canada, Manitoba, National, University Program, Affordable / Assisted, Fair housing, Legal / Policy, Special Interest / Minority, Neighborhood / Community International Institute for Sustainable Development site contains is a comprehensive databank of information about sustainable design, both concerned with architecture and other man-made structures as well as the natural environment. Archives of past publications, event transcripts, and other materials are included. Available in English, Spanish or French.Rating: RecommendedLocation: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaRelated pages: Canada, Canada, Manitoba, Multi-National, Non-Profit Organization, Index / Periodical, Design / Architectural, Environmental / Sustainable, Neighborhood / Community