Mobile homes are a popular choice for those looking to save money, whether retirees or low-income individuals. Mobile homes come in a variety of styles; although modern mobile homes are safer in stressful situations like hurricanes than the mobile homes of the past, these buildings are still more vulnerable to nature than a traditional house. As with a traditional house, those thinking of purchasing a mobile home will probably need to finance it by obtaining a mortgage. California mobile home mortgage lenders will be eager to help. Mobile homes are particularly popular in California due to the warm climate and skyrocketing general real estate costs. Finding the right California mobile home mortgage lenders is important for any individual interested in purchasing a mobile home in California. Look for trustworthy lenders who answer your questions fully and honestly; find out if the lender you are considering has had any complaints to local government agencies or the Better Business Bureau. As with any mortgage agreement, it is crucial to try to get the lowest possible interest rate. The interest rate you get may depend on your credit history. For any home purchase, mobile home or otherwise, it’s good to plan ahead before buying a home. It is free to obtain your credit report, and it is suggested that you do so a year before attempting to get a mortgage, whether from California mobile home mortgage lenders or from anyone else. This way, if you discover something negative on your credit report, you’ll be able to correct it, or at least you will know it is there and you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by a high interest rate. Most importantly, obtain a fixed interest rate loan; that way, you won’t be slapped with higher monthly mortgage payments after a period of two to five years, as you would be with a variable rate loan. Be sure to ask about the interest rate and type of loan when you talk to any California mobile home mortgage lenders. Furthermore, when obtaining a quote for your mobile home mortgage, you might also consider obtaining land for your mobile home rather than leasing space in a mobile home park. This might be difficult in some places, but there have been cases where mobile home parks have been sold to buyers who plan to develop the land, leaving those who had been living there in their mobile homes with no place to go. Resale of mobile homes can be difficult as the home ages, and mobile home owners in this situation are faced with the added burden of having to demolish or move their homes at their expense because they were forced out. If you can’t buy land (which is nearly impossible in some areas) be sure to read your lease agreement for your mobile home’s lot very carefully. You may with to discuss it with your California mobile home mortgage lenders because the lender also has an interest (no pun intended) in your repayment of the loan.