Mobile homes were originally created in the early 1920’s.  They were built as cheap and convenient housing when you had to travel on the road.  Over time, they evolved and developed to become one of the most reliable types of housing in the United States.  In the 1970’s, Congress passed a series of mandates that would require certain specifications to be met on each and every individual mobile, or manufactured, home.  When mobile homes because to lose the features that made them mobile to begin with, the wheels, they began to become more formerly known as manufactured homes.   As early as the 1940’s, California was the ideal location for the mobile, and eventually the manufactured home.  California manufactured homes were ideally located and prices.One of the first locations for the mobile home, it was much easier for people to move out to California with their house already with them than to go out and try to find one once they got there.  It offered convenience by allowing people to keep all of their goods with them and transport them much easier.  People also didn’t have to worry about selling their house, or being able to find one that they liked once they got to California.  This is the first advantage of what came to be known as the California manufactured homes.  When the changes were implemented in the 1970’s, California manufactured homes were no different.  They had to comply to the safety standards as well.  Over a decade later, a powerful force leveled lots of mobile and manufactured homes in California.  Businesses and companies knew that something needed to change, and they began to completely change the materials of their homes.  As a result, these California manufactured homes were able to more easily stand up to one of the most common natural disasters located in the area, that is, the earthquake.  Today, many people both in California and all over the country are able to enjoy the benefits of the mobile and manufactured home.