Unless you are a professional in some aspect of building construction, you may not know what your part is as an owner in the construction of a home. It’s important to understand your responsibilities and the reasons for their importance, even if you only intend to do this once. At the beginning, you will have to secure a mortgage, pay deposits and finalize the mortgage to enable the building construction to begin on time and stay on schedule. You must finalize your choices early in the process. A sudden request to add a room will affect the cost, the building codes, and the submission of plans to municipal authorities. In the same way, changing your mind about kitchen counters or flooring can add time needed for ordering and awaiting deliveries. “To help keep everyone on track and on the same page, you’ll be attending construction meetings.â€ Attending the construction meetings ensures that you can sign off on decisions during the building construction process. It is your responsibility to follow the directives found in the warranty document. The make ensure that the warranty will be valid at closing.There are several important stages in the building construction process. You will have responsibilities in all of them. Early on, you will be expected to sign a sales agreement and finalize design choices. “One of the most important things to remember is that you will be asked to make decisions early in the construction process.â€ Make sure that you are happy with the foundation and framing. These establish the bones of the building construction. Once the exterior is largely in place, the wiring and plumbing are set in place and the insulation and air sealing are completed. Once the interior is finished and the landscaping is in place, the building construction is nearly complete. The rest is legal with inspections, the closing and the warranty period still to go. When you take the time to hire the best experts available to build your home, make sure you do your part in the building construction process.NoneNone