European Federation of National Organizations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) site identifies FEANTSA’s policy goals, research activities, current lobbying, publications and other information about the groups’ efforts to alleviate homelessness in Europe. Organizational structure, the Federation’s members, and contact information is also provided. Unfortunately, there are no links to projects, ongoing studies, sites, or groups.Rating: InformativeLocation: Brussels, BelgiumRelated pages:Belgium, Multi-National, Membership Group, Non-Profit Organization, Affordable / Assisted, Shelter / HomelessSustainable Development –WWW Virtual Library Subject Catalog page takes a minute or two to load, but is well worth the wait if you are interested in anything related to sustainable development. The most comprehensive list I have ever seen, this site is surely one to bookmark. Links are included to other search engines, newsgroups, mailing lists, agencies, academic units, universities, journals, libraries and other databases.Rating: RecommendedLocation: Brussels, BelgiumRelated pages:Belgium, Multi-National, Index / Periodical, Environmental / Sustainable