Are you tired of seeing your basement as nothing more than empty unused space? If so, then its time for a basement remodel. Basement remodel ideas are vast and there are so many wonderful ways that you turn your basement into a dream space. Whether you are looking to add a spare room for a child, create another office, or make an entertainment or game room, basement remodel ideas can transform your empty wasted space into the showcase of your dreams.Before you begin with your basement remodel plan, you will need to make sure that there are no water problems in the basement. Leaks, poor drainage sites, and plumbing problems will only complicate your new room when it is finished, so be sure to take care of all of these issues beforehand. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your basement, or if it might pose serious water problems in the future, then you will need to have it inspected by a professional.When designing your basement, take into consideration the fact that the basement has low lights, easy access to water, has fewer air vents, and is usually more soundproof than other areas of the house. This makes it a perfect location for many different uses. When you begin your remodeling plans, be sure to pay close consideration for the use of that room. It would be a shame to convert your basement into an office, only to realize later that you wanted a Jacuzzi. Basements are great for areas that need access to water, privacy, and typically low lighting. In fact, the dim lighting attributed to basements makes it a great entertainment room or home movie theater.You should also consult with your contractor about installing extra air vents. Most basements have minimal air vents, and don’t have adequate heating and cooling facilities installed. Make sure to prepare for these changes while in the planning stage. You may also find that installing a new lighting system is the most effective way to bring new lighting into your basement. It is a good idea to choose lighting fixtures that enhance and compliment the overall design and purpose of your new room. You may also choose to install new windows, be sure to consult with your contractor and inspector regarding additional windows.By paying extra attention to the planning stage, working with a qualified contractor and inspector, you can ensure that your basement’s unused space will be transformed into a room that is not only practical, but beautiful as well.