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Abilities Unlimited, Inc.
This site includes information about this consultant’s services, programs and products, including a wide variety of architectural, planning and design guidelines to best accommodate for the needs of persons with disabilities.
Rating: Informative
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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American Builder
The Arizona issues of this online magazine discuss construction, affordability and employment and highlight trade and building associations, suppliers, and job opportunities.
Rating: Informative
Location: Arizona, USA
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This is an excellent site detailing the birth, construction and reasons behind Arcosanti, the experimental town in the high desert of Arizona housing 7000 people. Demonstrating ways to improve urban conditions and lessen destructive impacts on the earth, the site highlights the artistic, energy efficient and affordable means of construction, includes event and workshop information, is fully searchable, and is available in English, Italian, Spanish or German.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Mayer, Arizona, USA
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Homebuyer’s Fair
This site provides a wealth of information about the process of moving, mortgages, buying your first home and deciding where to move. It also includes software to help you calculate mortgages and salaries, compare two cities, examine demographics, and choose the best cities to live.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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