Sunshine, warm weather, and low humidity– what’s not to love? If you’re one of the many people across the country nearing retirement age who dream about relocating to the warm and sunny Southwestern United states, then Arizona manufactured homes might be the perfect choice for your next home. Modern and affordable, manufactured homes can offer you a customized home within your budget that allows you to realize your Southwest retirement plans.Manufactured homes were formerly known as mobile homes. They are built in sections off-site under controlled conditions. Homes are built by manufacturers according to federal specifications, and then they sold by the home manufacturer’s dealers directly to consumers. These federally-mandated specifications include minimum and/or maximum standards for design, durability, fire resistance, transport, and energy efficiency. Purchased homes are then transported in sections to the home site. Home sites may be owned or leased by the purchaser, either as stand-alone lots or as part of planned developments. Installers, who are usually arranged for by the dealer who sells the home, coordinate the last steps once the home sections arrive. They get the home into move-in condition on the purchaser’s lot. Completion includes any remaining on-site work (connecting sections, etc.) and connection of utilities. The final step before moving into your Arizona manufactured home is to have it inspected by an inspector from your local municipality.Arizona manufactured homes can be found in a variety of models. Both single and two-story floor plans are available. Manufacturers offer models with varying numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. Buyers of new manufactured homes may choose from predetermined floor plans; there are usually some options for customization. Customization may include slight floor plan alterations, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, for example, or variations in roofing, siding, windows, etc.Purchasers may have manufactured homes installed either on their own property or leased lots. There are also planned communities and developments where new installations may be placed or existing installations purchased. Manufactured home dealers are often able to provide buyers with assistance with real estate services, financing, and installation. For snowbirds who plan on buying their own lot and then buying a manufactured home, important points to consider include local zoning regulations and variances, access to roads and utilities, and any local permits that homeowners might need to secure for installation. If you’re planning your Arizona manufactured home on a leased lot, then it’s crucial to know what the leasing fees are, any rules contained in the lease, and what happens if the lease-holder sells or otherwise transfers ownership of the land to someone else. Leased lots may also offer you amenities like a pool or other conveniences for use by the community. Planned communities of Arizona manufactured homes may also have particular rules or regulations. For example, some communities may be tailored to residents aged 55 and up. Others may set requirements on landscaping, mandate upkeep or maintenance fees, or similar rules. Some Arizona manufactured homes may be purchased through land/home packages. Home financing can be arranged through the dealer or through an independent lender, offering home buyers flexibility in all aspects of their home purchase.