Apex modular homes has something to be proud about.  Apex modular homes have been in business over fifteen years.  In that fifteen years Apex modular homes has built over eight thousand homes.  That’s translates to over five hundred Apex modular homes each year.Apex modular homes are even in so much demand that Apex also builds homes in five other countries, plus in seventeen of the United States.If you are interested in buying new Apex modular homes, how would you like to have the say over every little detail going into that home?  That’s exactly what you get with Apex modular homes.  You probably want to take into consideration your property when choosing Apex modular homes.  If you live in the mountains, woods, or waterfront, a good choice of Apex modular homes would be a Chalet type home.  There are five different floor plans available in the Chalet design.  Chalets sport beautiful roof lines, gorgeous exteriors and a ton of glass.Maybe you are just starting out your family, and possibly the size of your family will continue to grow, making a family type Apex modular homes a necessity.  How about a Ranch type Apex modular homes.   Within the Ranch design there are eight floor plans available.If you aren’t sure how you will decorate your new Apex modular homes, or how you will landscape, a two story home is ideal for you.  Two story Apex modular homes can be whatever you want them to be.  And there are twenty five floor plans available to choose from in two story Apex modular homes.  Two story Apex modular homes also give you the option of adding delightful breezeways and garages.Fourteen floor plans are possible in the Cape Cod one or two story style Apex modular homes.  Cape Cod Apex modular homes have personality plus.  Of course, split levels are always in vogue, and Apex modular homes can give you three different choices of floor plans.Can’t decide between Apex modular homes or a stick built home.  With Apex modular homes you get the best of both.  But with Apex modular homes you get a home of far superior quality, and a much more economical price.Apex modular homes are built to the same standards as stick built homes.  However, Apex modular homes are built inside sheltered from harsh weather and other elements, making the finished product better.Most Apex modular homes only take a week to build!  Altogether, factoring in the inside work and the on site work, you should be able to move into Apex modular homes within a couple months.  So start packing!Apex modular homes are not restricted by zoning regulations, so you can put your home in whatever residential neighborhood that you choose.And with Apex modular homes you won’t be stuck with the final clean up job.  Apex modular homes are thoroughly cleaned before the key is turned over to you.  All you have to do with Apex modular homes is move in and enjoy.