NoneRecognizing the growing off-site construction industry and the need for quality-built homes in the northeastern United States, Westchester Modular Homes began offering factory built homes in 1986 and currently employ nearly 200 people in their factory in Windgale, New York near the Connecticut border.Finding value in Westchester modular homes does not take much time. To being with they use about 20 percent more wood in their construction than typical site built homes of the same size and design. Additionally, the quality of the wood used is better to begin with because it does not sit outside in the elements until construction begins and it can be stored under cover. All products used in Westchester’s homes is stored inside until used.Building homes in a climate-controlled factory 12 months out of the year only makes sense, especially in New England, where winters are often harsh. With that in mind, consider the savings available on Westchester modular homes once you factor in the building’s insular ability and the utility savings to an already less expensive house.The company uses two inch by six inch wall studs on exterior walls, which will hold an extra two inches of R-19 fiberglass batting insulation than typical two inch by four inch walls. The ceilings are insulated with R-38 fiberglass batting and with Anderson vinyl-clad wood windows and insulated doors also help keep the cold outside where it belongs, utility costs will offer additional savings on Westchester modular homes.Two by ten inch floor joists add to the strength of the house, as do the two by ten inch joists to the second floor, if applicable, the help maintain the homes structural through the rigorous transport process. Components of each modular home are moved from the factory and onto the back of a truck by crane. A crane again removes them from the truck at the site and they are lifted once more to be set in place. This procedure requires strong, sturdy construction to withstand all the stress before it is even finished.Additional value in Westchester modular homes can be found in the usual fixtures installed, such as one-piece fiberglass tub and shower, which utilizes a Delta temperature balancing valve to keep from getting all hot, or cold, water all at once. Oak stair railing and raised oak countertops in the bathroom help in finding value in Westchester modular homes.Westchester modular homes also welcomes people with their own designs in mind for their dream home. They will work with buyers to help them customize one of their numerous available floor plans or completely design their own to ensure the buyers’ new house is truly their dream home.