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Environmental Building News
This site is home to this on-line newsletter containing stories and articles on energy-efficiency, resource-efficiency, and healthy building practices. Featured topics include material selection, siting, indoor air quality, daylighting, and innovative environmentally responsible building products and projects.
Rating: Recommended
Location: Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
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Planning Commissioners Journal — PlannersWeb
This searchable website is excellent in that it includes information about legal issues, suburban sprawl, housing dilemmas for low income families, resources for sustainability, land use, environmental concerns, architecture, landscape, and an index to all past journals (back issue orders taken online). The extent of information available is seemingly limitless.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA
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Roy’s Housing, Inc.
This site details this business’ specialization in sectional and modular manufactured housing, with information about zoning, energy efficiency, and affordability provided. The site also provides a number of Question and Answer forums and a wealth of other pertinent information.
Rating: Recommended
Location: Highgate Center, Vermont, USA
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