If you have a kitchen that seems much too small for your needs, it may be time to think about remodeling. For those who have a tight budget or prefer to do things around the house themselves, there are some excellent small kitchen remodeling ideas available to help expand your horizons and give you more workspace when cooking and eating. First and foremost, storage seems to be one of the biggest problems when it comes to people with a small kitchen. There are some excellent storage products available today that can help stow away things like small appliances and pots and pans. A roll top counter looks much like the desks of the olden days, and is perfect for hiding things like the toaster oven or coffee pot, and it opens up the counters in front of it for use when chopping food or baking cookies. This style of counter top can be easily installed and can be special ordered or even found at a local home improvement store. If you’re like most people, those large pots and pans can often get in the way and also take up quite a bit of cabinet space. One of the most popular small kitchen remodeling ideas is to use a hanging pot rack. Depending on the height of your kitchen ceiling, you can hang this rack from above and use simple S-hooks to hang all of your pots and pans. Not only does this help to give you less clutter in the cabinets, but it can also give your small kitchen more of a gourmet look. It is important to realize that your kitchen is designed for only one thing: cooking. Try not to make your kitchen an office, hang out spot, or other function other than what it was designed for. Using a small kitchen for anything else often leads the way to more clutter and makes the kitchen appear and feel smaller. By downsizing, you can ensure your kitchen is used for what it was originally intended for, saving you lots of space. For people who live alone or in pairs, buying smaller appliances can also really open up the kitchen. By buying a smaller oven or refrigerator, you can add inches of counter space and use less energy, too.Lighting really plays a big role in every room in your home. Some common small kitchen remodeling ideas stem from simply changing the lighting. By adding pendant lights or small, under the counter lights, and removing larger ceiling lights, you give the kitchen a feeling of warmth without making it appear small. Incandescent lighting can really help to make the kitchen feel much more open. Mixing materials such as glass and stainless steel instead of just wood can also make the kitchen look larger and more eclectic. In addition to lighting, color can play a huge role in your small kitchen remodeling ideas. By painting the walls a lighter, brighter color, it gives the appearance of a more open area. Even changing out the color of things like dish towels or pot holders can really trick the eye into thinking the kitchen is bigger than it actually is. For this effect, try to stick with pastel or light colors of paint. Darker colors make a room feel more closed in and much smaller than it actually is. In addition to color and lighting, just cleaning up the general clutter can open up a kitchen. Use storage bins or add a pantry to store things like canned foods and dish rags. This can keep everything hidden and off of your workspace, making the entire kitchen feel much larger and providing you with more room in general. Changing out those dark laminate floors to a light colored hardwood floor can do wonders. Today, there are many excellent flooring options that can easily be installed yourself, like pergo laminate. This kind of flooring easily fits together like puzzle pieces and is fairly inexpensive. From color and lights to smaller appliances and beyond, these small kitchen remodeling ideas can make that tiny little room where you cook and eat a whole lot larger. You can find more ideas by going online or checking out some books at your local library, which are chock full of great remodeling suggestions.