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A. Nelessen Associates
Although some of the text is difficult to read in their menu, this site is an interactive culmination of the architecture and planning firm’s objectives and projects. Be sure to check out their Visual Preference Survey–it highlights important facets of housing and community design.
Rating: Recommended
Location: Princeton, New Jersey, USA
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Affordable Housing Development Corporation
This is the site for a multidisciplinary planning and development firm with primary practice along the east coast and the Rocky Mountain range. Their site includes information for and about municipalities and community development groups, as well AHDC’s recent projects and links to related sites.
Rating: Informative
Location: Katonah, New York, USA
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Applied Radient Technologies
This site is a collection of hydronic and electric radient heating systems available for ordering and purchase online, providing not only product information, but design and installation help, as well.
Rating: Informative
Location: Danboro, Pennsylvania, USA
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“BuildingOnline offers a multi-site search engine exclusively for the residential home building and home improvement industry.” Their site also offers a question-and-answer forum and a free e-mail newsletter service. Although the page is very slow in loading and overridden with advertisements, it contains a lot of useful information about products, materials, and cost-saving construction methods techniques.
Rating: Informative
Location: Dana Point, California, USA
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Change Communications
The Change Communications site offers a wide range of Internet services, designed to help housing and community development organizations use the new communications technology to its fullest potential by providing Internet and Web help and design services. An excellent resource guide of related links is also included.
Rating: Recommended
Location: USA
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Code Source PC
This site provides full service building code consulting for architects, municipalities, businesses and home owners, and provides specific information about healthcare facilities, municipal structures, accessible home design, and pertinent architectural and design products.
Rating: Recommended
Location: Grandville, Michigan, USA
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Design Site
A website for architecture and design related information, products and services, this site maintains a large searchable database and links to a wide variety of related sites.
Rating: Recommended
Location: New York, New York, USA
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Earthship Global Website
“The Earthship is a completely independent globally oriented dwelling unit made from materials that are indigenous to the entire planet. The major structural building component of the Earthship is recycled automobile tires filled with compacted earth to form a rammed earth brick encased in steel belted rubber. This brick and the resulting bearing walls it forms is virtually indestructible.” This site details the home plans, energy efficiency, materials, waster, water, power, heating and cooling, and affordability.
Rating: Excellent
Location: El Prado, New Mexico, USA
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Enertia Building Systems
Although this site is slow to load, it provides excellent information about “a method of building homes and offices in which natural renewable materials, energy efficient, natural forces are used to create a comfortable environment without the use of fuel or electricity.” The science behind the technology, products, cost-efficiency, design, construction, links to related sites, and countless photographs of existing homes and projects are all detailed on this site as well.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA
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Envirosense Consortium, Inc.
The Envirosense Consortium and its website provide educational programs that focus on proactive solutions for building, product, and maintenance systems through its described projects, programs, member list, searchable database, and newsletter.
Rating: Informative
Location: Kennesaw, Georgia, USA
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Fair Housing Institute, Inc.
This site contains information about the Institute’s training, consulting and publications for housing management professionals, Fair Housing practices, requirements, and techniques, as well as related issues of housing feasibility.
Rating: Informative
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Ferret Information Systems, Ltd.
This site claims to be home of “Britain’s largest supplier of advisory systems in the field of welfare benefits and related law.” While I cannot attest to the validity of that statement, the site does contain a wealth of information about housing and welfare issues, a calendar of events and conferences, programs for sale to help in calculating price, benefit and payment schedules, and includes links to a variety of United Kingdom law sites.
Rating: Informative
Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK
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First Community Village
The home of a continuing care retirement community in suburban Ohio, this site contains information about the Village’s services, amenities, security, religious offerings, floor plans, fees and contact information.
Rating: Informative
Location: Upper Arlington, Ohio, USA
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Freddie Mac
This site details the corporation’s dedication to “making the dream of decent, accessible housing a reality.” Information contained includes suggestions, projects, and programs geared toward homebuyers, communities, and lenders.
Rating: Informative
Location: McLean, Virginia, USA
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Homebuyer’s Fair
This site provides a wealth of information about the process of moving, mortgages, buying your first home and deciding where to move. It also includes software to help you calculate mortgages and salaries, compare two cities, examine demographics, and choose the best cities to live.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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Housing Studies
This site provides subscription information for this journal that includes contributions from many different disciplines including economics, political science, urban studies, history, social administration, sociology, geography, law and planning. This site only contains information about the journal and how to receive it, not information contained within the journal. If you are a subscriber, you can link to the journal online at no charge.
Rating: Informative
Location: Abingdon, England, UK
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Membership is required to access this site, and subscription information is provided. Once a member, however, you are granted access to tools and resources relating to Federal legislation and regulations, community development issues, mortgage regulations, funding information, HUD forms, relevant conferences, market trends, statistics, news, and more.
Rating: Informative
Location: USA
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This is an excellent site for anyone looking to build, design, remodel or reconstruct housing in the United States. It provides a database of contractors, designers, lenders and products to assist persons of any income level in creating exciting housing arrangements. The page also includes a design gallery, past issues of their online magazine, and a variety of means of communication with site owners and site users for advice, suggestions, and general discussion.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
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Infloor Residential Heating System
This site details both verbally and graphically the technology behind in-floor radient heating systems, which potentially reduce heat loss in residential spaces up to 25% more than in typical heating environments, dramatically increasing home affordability. Product, installation, and other resource information is provided.
Rating: Informative
Location: Hammel, Minnesota, USA
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Johnson Hardware
This site includes information and graphics about their wide range of sliding and folding doors that help provide small-home owners greater opportunities to utilize difficult spaces in an affordable manner.
Rating: Informative
Location: Elkhart, Indiana, USA
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This site is home to LawNet, the primary legal service provider for Australian community organizations. Legal Aid, International legal archives, and information about housing and financial legal services are all provided.
Rating: Informative
Location: Australia
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Neolink Information Age Solutions
Michael Dougherty’s personal homepage, this site provides resource links for persons interested in community development, neighborhoods, grant seeking, Native Americans, and the non-profit sector as detailed by the author.
Rating: Informative
Location: Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
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Olive Plaza
Specially designed barrier-free apartments are available for mobility impaired persons of any age at Olive Plaza. Their website gives resident requirements, location map, and other necessary resident information.
Rating: Informative
Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
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This site contains “Internet information resources for town planners and land property professionals,” and includes a wealth of links to planning, organization, GIS, environmental, and local authority sites.
Rating: Informative
Location: Warwickshire, England, UK
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Residential Energy Efficiency Database
This excellent searchable site provides information about housing construction, site, solar and house planning, vapor barriers, energy efficient building techniques and methods, air quality, insulation and a glossary of terms. Publications, awards, and products are also described.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Carvel, Alberta, Canada
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Roy’s Housing, Inc.
This site details this business’ specialization in sectional and modular manufactured housing, with information about zoning, energy efficiency, and affordability provided. The site also provides a number of Question and Answer forums and a wealth of other pertinent information.
Rating: Recommended
Location: Highgate Center, Vermont, USA
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Sustainable Building and Culture
This site by Prince Associates Architects maintains an extensive database of sustainable building, architecture, alternative construction techniques, ecovillage, environmental, and landscaping links.
Rating: Excellent
Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA
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