NoneIf fact, it is really a very good idea to buy your property before choosing which of the prefabricated homes you would like.  Once you know where you want to put prefabricated homes, you can then choose a design to fit your family’s personality and taste.You may then need to select contractors or other specialty tradesmen who will complete your prefabricated homes on site work.By this time you will know the total cost of your prefabricated homes, so now would be a good time to make final decisions about financing.By now you will need to have a quality foundation or basement poured and gotten ready for prefabricated homes to be permanently and securely affixed.Of course, you will need to obtain permits for prefabricated homes, and what you will be required to do depend on which state you live in.  Be sure to cover all the bases so your prefabricated home can be delivered and completed. After your choice of prefabricated homes has been delivered and set up, it is time for the finishing touches.  Will you choose painted walls or wallpaper, something colorful or neutral in decorating prefabricated homes?After all this is completed probably the final major thing to be accomplished will be landscaping prefabricated homes.  You may choose to have this step on prefabricated homes professionally done, or if you have a green thumb and the time and energy, you might want do it yourself.At last, it is time for you and your family to move into and enjoy your new prefabricated homes.NoneNone