NoneThe quality of mobile homes is improving and many people have difficult telling the difference between Palm Harbor Manufactured homes and modular homes. The company aims to produce mobile homes that are every bit as comfortable as traditional homes, and with Palm Harbor Manufacture homes, you can live and travel in style. It is possible to add personal touches, such as customized tile, dry wall and original cabinets. Palm Harbor Manufactured homes are about 9 to 10 feet high and are wide enough to accommodate large furnishings. Our bathrooms are also much larger than those of average mobile homes, and the bathtubs are wide and comfortable. Palm Harbor manufactured homes are available in a variety of styles that suit any taste and budget. These homes have won awards for attractiveness and energy efficiency. Because of environmental concerns and cost considerations, Palm Harbor manufactured homes have invested time and effort into creating mobile homes that have optimum energy efficiency. The company has won awards for energy efficiency which will keep mobile homes warm in winter and cool in summer without heavy heating and cooling bills. Energy savings are also beneficial for the environment and help preserve our resources for future generations. Anyone can afford Palm Harbor manufactured homes, and it is worthwhile to look around to see what kind of homes are available. Talk to our sales managers about your space and design requirements and they will be happy to show you mobile homes that suit your needs. You can choose which financing program is right for you, and most Palm Harbor manufactured homes customers pay in monthly installments. One reason many people decide to purchase mobile homes is to become homeowners without shouldering the hefty burden of a mortgage. The company’s financing plans are flexible and fair and the staff is available for any questions and assistance. Palm Harbor manufactured homes offers the best homes for the price and can make a mobile home a dream home for even the most demanding customers. Quality and comfort are characteristics of Palm Harbor manufactured homes, and the company is available to help the customer, even after the transaction is finished.