NoneIt takes far less time to have a modular log home built, and because of saving time, you also save money.You will enjoy superior quality with modular log homes, because you will not suffer any weather related damage because they are built in protected factories.  This is another reason why in the long run modular log homes will save you money.You can even customize modular log homes with your own designs.  You are not doomed to only so many floor plans with modular log homes.Whether you have a lovely country setting or will be setting your home in a bustling city, you will be able to enjoy cozy comfort in modular log homes.  But there is nothing rustic or primitive about the way modular log homes are built.  Your modular log homes will have kitchens, bath rooms, dens, and family rooms not even dreamed of when log homes originated.Modular log homes will leave you stress free, by obtaining all the legal permits that are necessary, securing contractors to do the on site work, and even helping you with financing.Log homes have a certain allure no other home can ever claim, and you will get that unique beauty along with unsurpassed quality with modular log homes.  Modular log homes have all the personality of a traditionally built home without sacrificing quality.  In fact many people have the opinion that modular log homes exceed the quality of stick built homes.Modular log homes are here to stay, and will give you and your family many years of pleasure and comfort.NoneNone