NoneThis is a first for modular homes Oregon, and actually the first time ever that modular homes anywhere have been used for the Army.  No longer will residents of Fort Lewis have to live in plain apartments because of modular homes Oregon.  Now they happily have modular homes Oregon with nice extras like updated island kitchens, higher nine foot ceilings, and even hardwood flooring.The modular homes Oregon are for the most part two story homes.Mold and mildew are not a concern in these modular homes Oregon.  The lumber used in constructing modular homes Oregon is kiln dried, and then it is protected in the factory environment.Not only that, but the modular homes Oregon have at least fifty percent of the lighting fixtures that are energy efficient. The heating and ventilation in modular homes Oregon, and the appliances are energy efficient as well. Modular homes Oregon has sealed the duct work, and more than the usual insulation was used in every floor, ceiling and wall.It’s nice to know that modular homes Oregon is saving the tax payers some money.  Modular homes Oregon are inspected by a third party inspector.So how are modular homes Oregon built inside of factories?  Modular homes Oregon are built in units.  Craftsmen constructing modular homes Oregon begin by putting the flooring together.  After an inspection of modular homes Oregon, the heavy flooring is mechanically pulled by a chain to the next station, where the walls are added.Modular homes Oregon goes through each specialized station like this and each step must pass its own inspection.So when you see modular homes Oregon riding down the road on the back of a truck, you know you are looking at quality work and materials.  In fact, modular homes Oregon are all built to meet HUD codes, and many times surpass those codes by thirty percent.NoneThere are a lot of options available from which to choose when considering modular homes Oregon.  With Oregon’s breathtaking scenery, why not choose a modular homes Oregon that can stand up to nature’s beauty.  After all, you don’t buy just any old piece of property, or accept any financial loan offered to buy modular homes Oregon.  You want the best that will be suitable for your family’s needs, as well as making you happy, so why not choose the best in housing, modular homes Oregon.The hardest part about buying modular homes Oregon will be selecting from the many choices of floor plans.  You no doubt, will fall in love with all of the modular homes Oregon.