NoneModular homes Oklahoma based are at certain advantages.  One is that since these types of homes are manufactured indoors in a factory, you will not lose any time in building due to the weather.  This is especially advantages in the face of the oftentimes intense heat of the Oklahoma weather.  Modular homes Oklahoma based will not lose any time in being built due to the heat, which is in stark contrast to homes that are being constructed purely on site.   Warding off heat will come in handy later as well, since the modular homes are so energy efficient.  Consumers can save money on their electric bills, even in spite of the heat in Oklahoma, because of the high level of efficiency standards to which the modular homes are built. The industry of the modular home is growing rapidly, and this is no different for the modular homes Oklahoma based.  Because it only takes two to four weeks to complete once the process of building the home is started, many people are motivated to purchase modular homes all over the country.  The square foot price for modular homes is often much less than the cost to build a home on site as well.  There are many monetary and time related reasons for choosing modular over on-site built homes.  Modular homes Oklahoma based are affordable, quick to manufacture and assemble, and energy efficient.  But in addition to all these reasons, they are also as aesthetically pleasing as built from scratch homes.