NoneOf course, if you would like a little more meat to your referrals, and you would like to go about it in a different manner, consider contacting the offices of a reputable manufacturer you or your friends may have business with in the past.  As a matter of fact, did you know that Cavalier has a factory that builds modular homes New York? If you are already familiar with a factory or a dealership, then contacting them might be a great initial step as well.  Of course, just like when you are doing business with any company to whom you have not previously written a check and with whom you do not have a long established business relationship, double checking their references with the local consumer advocacy groups is always a good idea!If all else fails, but time is of the essence, go ahead and contact a dealership.  Usually a dealership will have a working relationship with many modular homes New York builders and after listening to your needs and wants, they will be able to point you in the direction of a manufacturer who will be able to meet your needs and quite possibly also exceed them. A good way to gage this process is by taking a look at floor plans, extras that are not included in the price – keep in mind that one factory’s extras are another factory’s standard features – and also possible land and property combination deals.  While they have seen a lot of popularity in the state of Texas, more and more manufacturers are now offering these deals where the plot of land as well as the home comes in a package deal.  This will save you a lot of time and effort, and if time is of the essence, you will like the idea of being able to finish your business deal in one sitting! So go ahead and take a look at the many modular home dealers that do a booming business in the State of New York, and with the help of the Better Business Bureau you will be able to find that gem that will permit you to take care of all of your housing needs quite possibly in one afternoon.  This is truly time well spent!